The dialog for changing the general application settings

The general application settings dialog

This dialog provides options to configure general and application-wide settings.

  • Ask before deleting elements: When this option is active, a message box will pop up before any delete operation. You have to confirm the message box before the delete operation takes place1.
  • Show welcome screen on startup: If set, the application will always show the welcome page immediately after starting. From there, you have different options like choosing one of your recent diagrams, creating a new one, or accessing the various help resources of UMLBoard. If this option is not set, UMLBoard will always start with the latest diagram you edited. If that's not available, it will create a blank new diagram2.
  • Show tips on startup: When activated, UMLBoard will show a short tip after application startup. You can later also access all startup hints via the Help menu after program start.
  • Show release notes for new versions: When this option is active, UMLBoard will show a brief feature summary the first time it starts after a new release was installed. Please also have a look at the Release Notes section to see an overview of previous releases. You can also open the release notes dialog anytime via the Help menu.
  • Show/Hide Tooltips: (available since version 1.7)

All settings are stored in a file called settings.json in the application's settings directory (see the path printed in the bottom area of the dialog). To reset your application settings (in case of an error or for starting the application from scratch), you can safely delete this settings file.

  1. But even if you accidentally deleted an element, no need to worry: You can always undo your delete operation by pressing Ctrl + Z ( Cmd + Z on macOS). 

  2. you can later always open the Welcome page via the Help menu. 

Last update: June 27, 2022