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Background Options


The diagram options dialog contains diagram specific settings

Customization options for diagram backgrounds.

Use the Background Options dialog to set and configure the background for your diagram. The background will be shown in the diagram editor, but also when you export your diagram as an image or PDF file.

Use Background Image:
Toggle this switch to show or hide the background image. When activated, the background image will also be used when exporting your diagram as image or PDF.

List of available Backgrounds:
UMLBoard provides four predefined background images: Two light backgrounds that are best suited for the light color theme, and two darker images for the dark theme. Click on an entry in the list to activate the background (assuming the Use Background Image toggle is active).

While the predefined entries cannot be edited, any background image you added manually (see below) can also be deleted or edited. Editing will replace the current image with your newly chosen one.

New Background:

Press this button to browse for a local image file you want to use as background.


UMLBoard will create a copy of your background file in a custom directory, so any changes you make to the original file after setting it as background won't be reflected. To update your background image, select it and choose the edit option.

Image Width and Height:
Here you can individually set the dimensions of your background image. Setting either width or height exclusively will scale your image accordingly. Press the Update Diagram button to apply your changes.

Repeat Image:
Your chosen background image will automatically repeated vertically and horizontally. Use this option for seemless textures that should span larger diagrams.

A diagram using a chalkboard background.

A diagram with a chalkboard background.