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Diagram options

The diagram options dialog contains diagram specific settings

The diagram options pane contains diagram-specific settings

Use the Diagram Options dialog to configure any diagram-specific settings. For now, this tab lets you mainly choose the font used to render all diagram elements.

Diagram Font

By default, UMLBoard uses the Indie Flower font, but choosing any custom font installed on your system is very well possible.

The preview on the right side of the dialog will show you what diagram elements will look like when rendered with your newly selected font.

When using a custom font, you also can choose additional font parameters like the font weight and style, assuming that the relevant font types are installed.


When exporting your diagram to an SVG image, your custom fonts won't be embedded into the resulting SVG file. While your SVG diagram might look fine on your machine, it might look different on another device where your custom font is unavailable.

To ensure that your diagram gets rendered as expected, best export it in PNG format (e.g., if you want to embed it in your website). This problem does not arise when using the default font, as UMLBoard automatically embeds it into any exported SVG.



Starting with Version 1.7, you can also adjust the font size used for your diagrams.

Diagram Width and Height


Use these two options to change the dimensions of your diagram. After entering the desired width and height, press the Update Diagram button to apply your changes.


UMLBoard will show a hint if your new diagram dimensions are too small to include all of your diagram elements. But even if the elements are outside of visible area, they are still there and will become visible again when you enlarge your diagram to the original size.

Last update: February 27, 2023