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New Features

Choose Custom Fonts

Not happy with the hand-drawn default font? No problem, you can now choose any font that is installed on your system for your diagrams. Just go to Settings, switch to the Diagram tab and choose your favourite font from the dropdown box.

Custom Fonts


UMLBoard now supports setting multiplicities for association. For this, just click-and-hold/double-click on the lower or upper watermark text of a connection and start entering the lower and upper bounds of your multiplicity. Please also check out our new online help for more infos.


Editing via Double Click

Pressing and holding for editing is too cumbersome or takes too much time? No worry, you can now edit every text by just double clicking on it. Press-and-Hold still works, of course.

Double Click Editing

New Online Documentation

Our new online documentation contains a vast amount of in-deep information of UMLBoard's features and will be updated constantly. It also provides many tutorials and tips and tricks, so why don't you give it a short look?

Online Documentation


  • method's context menu contains an entry for adding new parameters
  • better placement of connection text
  • improved rendering performance for notes and connections
  • many third party libraries were updated to their latest versions

Bug Fixes

  • classifier color was not reset when user canceled the color-picker dialog
  • input fields for method editing are at the correct position now if class contains freeform text
  • toast messages keep their position during scrolling
  • clicking on empty associations does no longer change their names

Last update: December 31, 2021