New Features

  • Size of exported image can be configured
  • CTRL+Wheel/CMD+Wheel can now be used to zoom in/out
  • Two fingers Pinch-Zoom should now work on macOS
  • Improved rendering performance during drag and drop for larger diagrams
  • Tutorial dialog contains a list of available tutorials
  • Dialog with release notes should be visible after installing a new version
  • Reduced size of implementation/inheritance and usage arrows
  • Keep text input field open when user leaves the window

Bug Fixes

  • Keyboard shortcuts for Undo/Redo should work correctly now (Windows)
  • Selection stays active now after multiple elements were dragged together
  • Wrong keyboard shortcuts for Zoom In/Zoom Out were printed in the Edit menu (Windows)
  • Dotted line for implementation relation sometimes overlapped the arrow symbol
  • Undoing an operation that affects a deleted elements does not throw an error anymore
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally crashed Copy/Paste operations on multiple selected classes
  • Added save check for diagram before opening a design pattern

Last update: December 31, 2021