Image export

The image export settings dialog

The image export settings dialog.

This dialog allows you to adjust settings that affect the image export of your diagrams.

Image Size:
This setting affects only the PNG export. By default, the width and height of the exported image correspond to the actual dimensions used by the diagram (assuming a maximum whiteboard size of 4000 x 4000 pixels). This setting corresponds to the middle position of the slider. The lowest level reduces the image to one-eight of its actual size. In contrast, the highest level produces an output file eight times the original size.

Background Color:
This color picker allows you to define the background color used when exporting the image. To adjust the opacity of the background, change the alpha value via the corresponding slider. A value of one results in a full opaque background color while changing the value to zero makes the background fully transparent.

Color picker for choosing a background color

Color picker for choosing a background color.

Last update: January 21, 2022