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Create fancy UML class diagrams.
A lightweight UML class designer with a clear design and easy to use.
Just focus on your ideas and start drawing right away.

Focus on ideas, not details.

Save time
Documenting code is important but comes with the cost of maintaining your diagrams. Thanks to its lightweight and intuitive user interface, UMLBoard lets you create and update your architecture diagrams fast and easily, without any additional setup or configuration required.
Just start drawing right away.
Communicate Ideas
UML diagrams are often about illustrating essential aspects of your design. Use UMLBoard to create conceptual diagrams and to share your ideas with other stakeholders.
Catch Attention
Whether you want to add documentation to your code or illustrate your architecture for an assignment, a research paper, or your personal development blog: UMLBoard's hand-drawn styled diagrams are real eye-catchers!


It's Real UML

Powerful Image Export

Color Themes

We believe that drawing UML diagrams is just one of many tasks in software development and should therefore be as easily accessible as possible.

That's why, unlike many complex UML tools, UMLBoard offers a clean and lightweight user interface.

All essential functions are just a click away - no need to work your way through multiple dialogs that distract you from your real task - bringing your ideas to life.
Unlike free-form drawings, semantically correct UML diagrams often require you to comply with specific constraints or rules.

UMLBoard helps you follow these regulations without being too restrictive and ensures your diagram stays valid.

If you need more flexibility in your diagram than UML would provide, you're always free to enter custom text and elements whenever you need them.
UML diagrams rarely stand alone: they are often part of larger documentation or specifications or illustrate an architectural concept in a blog or research paper.

Therefore, UMLBoard offers several image export options for embedding your drawings into other media. Whether you prefer PNG graphics in different resolutions or scalable vector graphics for your website or blog, it's totally up to you.
Oh, and did we also mention that it supports dark and light color themes?

If you prefer blackboards over whiteboards, you should definitely try the dark mode!
One price, no subscription required.
Get it now, for Mac, Windows and Linux.
Great app, simple and effective. I have been using for keeping notes when im reading. Only thing that im lacking is the ability to have multiple diagrams open at the same time. Keep up the good work.
A lovely little app
Hold control, tap anywhere, and you get a thoughtfully designed modal to add an object. And of course a simple drag to connect objects. It's limited on features, and the results look as disposable as an ink drenched napkin. Exactly what I wanted!
Delightful App
Delightful App. Painless, intuitive UI. Replaces my "Where do I have my paper scribbles from last time?" Makes UML Class Diagramming fun.
I love it.
It's a great app (so great in fact, that I immediately bought it on the Windows Store as well). This UML app has just the right amount of depth to quickly set up a model or communicate stuff to coworkers.
Simple and flexible
It has been a surprise. The tool is simple in concept and options but yet it is very flexible. It enables me to draw complex diagrams easily and quickly.
Great App
Can you now make a similar for sequence diagrams :)

Frequently asked questions

What is this tool actually good for?

UMLBoard is a lightweight UML class designer for drawing static class or domain diagrams. It supports full inline-editing and provides various image export functions. It's ideal for documenting your source code or discussing domain concepts with other stakeholders.

There are plenty of UML designers available, what's so special about this one?

While many full blown UML designers can be quite complex to use, UMLBoard's focus lays on drawing and editing expressive UML static class diagrams. Therefore its user interface is much more streamlined and easier to use.

How often will there be updates?

New feature updates are planned around every two month, and there are quite some features and ideas in the pipeline. And if you need any functionality or miss any feature, just let us know and we will do our best to add it.

Why isn't the app for free?

Developing an app takes a considerable amount of time and resources, but compared to similar apps, UMLBoard uses a very fair one-time pricing model without any monthly subscription fees. Just pay once and use the app as long as you want.
Wait, I have another question!
Sure, we've got you covered, please use the Contact form to send your question.

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