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New Features


You can create groups by drawing a selection rectangle while pressing CMD/CTRL. Groups are an easy way to organize your classes visually or logically. They also simplify the handling of different classes at once. All operations you execute on a group - like moving, cut/copy, or delete - will also be applied to all its containing elements.


Despite that, groups also provide a large variety of different styling and coloring options. You can choose between various text, line, or fill colors and choose the drawing style used for the border or the fill pattern.

Group Coloring

Moving and Copying Members

If you want to move one or several class members from one class to another, just drag and drop them at the desired position. The same also works for changing the position of members within a class: Simply grab them and drop them before or after an existing element.

Drag Members

Members also support clipboard operations, so you can use default shortcuts like CMD/CTRL+X or CMD/CTRL+C to move or copy them to a new class.

Copy/Cut Members

Sorting Members

Click on any class member (property, method or freeform text) and choose the context menu entry to sort all members of the class in ascending or descending order.

Sort Class Members

Adjust Diagram Font Size

UMLBoard lets you also change the font size of your diagram. Just open the Settings dialog and choose your desired font size.

Custom Font Size

PlantUML Export

You can export your diagrams as PlantUML text files and continue to edit them with one of the many PlantUML text editors like PlantText UML Editor.

Most of UMLBoard's features - like class members, notes, relations, multiplicity, and fill colors, are supported - and you can also fine-tune the export via the Settings dialog.

PlantUML Export


  • Clipboard actions now support undo/redo
  • Better tooltip placement
  • Tooltips can be disabled via Settings dialog
  • Onboarding text also uses custom font now
  • Memento and Bridge design pattern added

Bug Fixes

  • The auto layout algorithm added some anchor points that were not removed after undo
  • Using clipboard shortcuts to cut/copy text from and into text fields should work now
  • Shortcuts for creating members should also work if a member is selected
  • Do not ask for filename if the file was already saved when closing the diagram
  • Close connection dialog when user clicks outside the dialog
  • The app could sometimes throw an error if the user opens a new diagram but canceled the save action
  • Switching the direction when creating a new relation could sometimes resulted in an error
  • Clicking outside of a property editor did not close the editor when the property name was not changed
  • Cutting and pasting connected classifiers could result in an error

Last update: June 27, 2022